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Our Bulldogs abroad

We have exported our dogs to the four corners of the world, The US, Brazil, Canada, Russia, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, just to name a few where they have gone on to become champions and some even regional champions

Ira's Bulls Interstellar

Ira's Bulls Interstellar

Owner Alina Neyman - Kinlockbulls, England

Canadian Ch Ira's Bulls Geena Davise

Can Ch Ira's Bulls Geena Davise

Owned by Andrey & Lena Bitkov/a kennel Lenbulan, Canada

Ira's Bulls Genghis Khan

Owned by Isabelle Iven, Myfairbull kennel, Belgium

Ludovic & Lolita

Brother & Sister live together in Germany. Kennel Ralston Bulls

Ira's Bulls GiannyV

Ch Ira's Bulls Gianny V

Sold to Kim & Florida Lares, Norwey 

Ira's Bulls Mad Max

Kennel Diadene, England

Ira's Bulls Hilary Clinton

Owners Mario & Pamela Aureli, Rome, Italy

Ira's Bulls Lucky Luka

Alfonce citizen of Sweden!

Ira's Bulls Dakota

Ira's Bulls Dakota at Kenolan

Owner Lesley & Shaun Forryan, England

 Ira's Bulls Dooshka

Ira's Bulls Dooshka

Owner Edson Santos, Brazil LandBull kennel


Ira's Bulls Dominator

Thor lives in Norway 

Jnr Ch, Ch of Russia
Ira`S Bulls George W. Bush

Owned by Dancing kennel Russia, St Petersburg

Ru Jnr Ch Ira's Bulls Gerard Batler

Gladestone, Russia St Petersburg

Jnr Ch. Ira's Bulls Elizabeth The Queen

Liza lives in Turkey

Ira's Bulls Kiss For Dinkiez

Matilda is happy citizen of Sweden

Ira's Bulls Nefertiti

Nefertiti Lives in Scotland

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