Bulldog Puppies

“Whoever said you can't buy Happiness forgot little puppies.”

Buying a puppy from us 

All our dogs live with us under the same roof. They are extensively socialized, very active and healthy. All puppies born at our kennel are showered with love and care from day one. We do not breed to make a quick buck on the side but to better the breed, in particular our dogs. This is why we pay particular attention to the respiratory system, temperament, phenotype and genotype of the dogs we pair for an eventual mating. All of our Bulldogs undergo a thorough veterinary examination once a year and before each & every mating. We do not sell puppies, offering them as "Christmas gifts or the perfect Valentine's Day present!!!"
Before buying a puppy, think twice and then think again!! Make sure that you fully understand both the implications & the responsibility that go hand in hand with the commitment you are about to make. This is not a toy which you can simply shelf or disregard off, it’s a living thing!
The most important thing for us at the end of the day is to find each puppy a good home. All our puppies, irrespective of their show potential, are loved and raised in the same manner. 

Our terms and conditions of sale
Once you chose your puppy a holding deposit equivalent to 33% of the agreed price must be put up. Such a deposit is only refundable should the pup in question sustain a serious debilitating injury resulting in either permanent disability or permanent scarring, or God forbid, the dog dies while still in our care. Where shipping is required, all outstanding expenses will need to be settled in full no less than 3 business days prior to the shipment date. Once a dog has been fully paid for, unless your vet certifies that it has some underlying congenital illness, we will not refund you your money should you suddenly decide you don’t want it. In the latter case we reserve the right to ask for an independent medical examination by a vet of our choice to substantiate your vet’s prognosis. Such tests together with all related travelling expenses will be on your tab and we will only pay for them against receipt in the event that your vet’s prognosis is corroborated.

Bulldog puppies.
Ira's Bulls  puppies

How to find a breeder you can trust

If you choose a puppy & have put up a holding deposit, then within reason you are entitled to regular updates & photos of it.
Look carefully where and in what conditions the puppy lives (i.e. on what it sleeps and what it eats).
A responsible breeder will never keep their puppies in dirty place, hard surfaces like concrete floors just as any responsible parent wouldn’t subject its newly born to similar conditions. When & where possible, a breeder should always show both the puppy's dam and sire to prospective buyers. Responsible breeders will never sell puppies before they’re at least 8wks old! Puppies should be vaccinated and pass a veterinary examination before being handed over to their new owners & the breeder should suggest that this be carried out by a vet of the prospective owner’s choice. The breeder should guarantee comprehensive assistance & advice not only before selling a puppy but more importantly throughout the rest of its life.

Never buy from puppy farms
If you are not experienced or well versed on the subject you could easily get conned into buying from such scoundrels. Such type of breeders take on many forms plying their “trade” from vans at motorway service stations, from an airport’s car park whilst the more “sophisticated” type resort to using the internet.
It’s the latter type which you have to be the most careful of since these will not only sell you a puppy with false papers like the rest but are even likely to take your hard earned money & leave you with nothing!! No matter which type you're dealing with, they ALWAYS have puppies 365 days of the year & they’re usually always in a mad rush to do business. They are fueled by an insatiable desire to make money at all costs often to the detriment of the animal’s welfare and go about their business much like hawkers by buying on the cheap & reselling. Anyone with even a bit of common sense knows very well that you never come away from a street market with a genuine item, that is, not unless it’s stolen & sold in rush; you pay for what you get! No matter how irresistible a puppy might look never succumb to this scum ‘cause this will only serve to increase demand for supply which in turn will increase animal hardship & lower the standard of our beloved breed. 

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