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14 December 2014. canada

We are very pleased to introduce to you the new Canadian champion Ira's Bulls Geena Davis! Thanks so much Andrey and Lena for your excellent work, we are very proud of your successes!


29/30.11.2014 Malta Kennel Club double CACIB

Ira'sBulls Grace Kelly aka Grace - 2 days BOB - double qualified for Crufts!

Judge Mr.Boris Shapiro (FR), Lisbeth Mach  

10.14.2014 The Maltese National Canine Federation Annual Championship Show, Crufts 2015 Qualifier

Ira's Bulls Grace Kelly BOB, Res BIG & Jnr BIS!

Judge’s Report: R&I.Sammut’s bulldog bitch, Ira’s Bulls Grace Kelly. This bitch although still a junior excelled in breed type – no exaggerations – good head, lovely eye, good chin, plenty width, good body and quarters, went well.

Judge : Mrs.Jill Peak (UK)

10.11.2014 The malta kennel club

JIra`s Bulls Grace Kelly Best female & BOB
Ira's Bulls Deja Vu Best female open class

Judge : Mr Boris Spoljaric (Croatia)


Ira`s Bulls Gerard Butler GladeStone
V.P. CW Best puppy.

Judge : Mrs. Ann van den Heuvel-Cowan (UK, "Beefeater Bulls")

02.08.2014 INTERNATIONAL DOGSHOWS "DRUSKININKAI CUP’14" Druskinininkai. Lithuania. 

Ira`s Bulls Gerard Butler GladeStone V.P. CW Best puppy.

Judge : Joao Vasco Poças (Portugal)

17 th may The Malta Canine Society

Ira's Bulls Grace Kelly best female puppy & best female.

Judge Jeff Luscott [UK]

TYEE Kennel Club, Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, All Breed Championship shows

Ira's Bulls Geena Davis Best Puppy in Breed

May 10 -Winners Female
May 11 -BOB, Winners Female

Judges: May 10 Terry Carter, Canada, May 11 Janet Buchanan, Canada

6 th April The Malta Canine Society annual championship show

Ira's Bulls Grace Kelly Best Puppy In Breed & BOS 

Judge: Breed specialist, Paul Harding (Pringham) UK March Malta kennel club

Jnr Ira's Bulls Dega Vu Best Female Open

Judge: Roney Doedjins NETH january Malta kennel club

Jnr Ch Ira's Bulls Deja Vu Best Female Open & BOS 

Judge: Weng Woh Chan